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Markets Invest brokerage company offers you access to more than 200 trading instruments

Trading conditions

Indices, Majors, Commodities, ETF, CFD, Crypto currencies

Trading platform

Markets-Invest provides you a trading platform with a powerful arsenal of tools for professional trading that will give you a unique advantage over competitors

Gold deposit

One of the attractive opportunities with Markets-Invest is Gold Deposit. This is an opportunity to open a deposit in gold
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Key features

Investment strategies

We took care of you by creating a tool that will help reduce the risk and increase your profits - Investment Strategies. All the strategies are rigorously selected and tested upon more than 50 criteria. You just need to choose the strategy that suits you the best.

Advantages of using "Markets Invest" investment strategies

Simplicity. Strategies make the trader's path easier and help you accelerate.

Objectivity. Strategies are formed based on the statistical analysis and probability theory and are tested in practice.

Knowledge. Opportunity to get the experience of successful traders "off-the-shelf".

Planning. Strategies allow you to plan and distribute your investments.

Success. Choosing and applying investment strategies the right way, you discover your personal source of income, which will let you enjoy your profit at minimal risks.

Traders selection

The team of investment accounts managers at "Markets Invest" consists of the strongest traders who have a strong theoretical base and long-term practical experience in trading in financial markets.

Why our traders are the best in the market:

Experience and many years of success.

Complex world-class selection system.

Our traders trade in the company's money - so we are interested in each of them showing high results.

Our system of specialists selection is based on the International Banking Methodology for Portfolio Credit Risk Assessment, developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

Our "Investment Strategies" are formed based on the activity of the best traders. You only need to choose your strategy, invest a comfortable amount and start making profit today.

Risk control

Effective trading with minimization of losses. Investment and brokerage company "Markets-Invest" constantly boosts the level of transactional security, by researching and implementing the latest developments in the field of financial risk management.

Main advantages:

Customers monitor transactions in real time, transactions are copied to the client at the server level. At any convenient time, you can compare your transactions with the master account transactions.

To copy transactions to your account, you do not need to purchase VPS or other equipment for trouble-free operation.

Keep track of the transactions at any time from any location and device. The company provides reliability, better trading conditions, full security.

Trading platform

Markets-Invest provides you with a trading platform, which has a wide range of professional trading tools that will give you an edge over your competitors.

At your disposal there are more than 200 trading tools, 70 trading indicators, 130 tools for working with graphs and unlimited number of accounts in one user profile.

Advantages of our trading platform:

Unlimited number of users

Unlimited number of accounts

Correlation trading

Comfortable work environment

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Gold deposit

One of the unique offers of "Markets-Invest", which will be useful for any trader, who wants to boost his capital is "Gold Deposit". This type of deposit will be especially interesting for those traders who prefer stability and reliability.

Why opening a deposit in gold is profitable:

Gold is the hardest currency of all time, its price drops very seldom, and if the markdown still happens, it quickly rallies and even exceeds the former level.

Low volatility. The price of this precious metal is not so volatile as majors or securities.

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5 reasons why we are better
than other brokerage companies

We do not force our customers to learn tons of literature to start trading

We do not offer the best trader, as all the other companies do

We do not give the outdated PAMM technology

We provide you with an innovative tool that will allow profitable trading on the client's account, reducing the risk to minimum

You will be able to connect to the successful strategies created after many years of hard work of our analysts' team and thousands hours of trading by experienced traders



The selection of investment strategies is objective, based on the theory of probability and statistical analysis

We use capital and risk management system

VFSC license


Innovative trading platform. Instant execution allows you to capture prices before competitors do it

Uniquely developed investment tools with an optimal ratio of return to risk

Modern risk management systems help to monitor each transaction. Markets-Invest customers watch transactions in «real time» mode


High-quality liquidity providers, low spreads and commission, minimal slippage

A wide range of investment instruments that allow to choose the most optimal solutions

Comfortable and competitive trading conditions, privacy and security

Minimum bureaucracy and maximum reliability

Leading world banks, with whom we cooperate

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